Destination Learning Management™
Client System Requirements
Client System - Required
Category Your Browser Minimum Requirements Status
Windows:Internet Explorer 6.0-8.0
Windows: Firefox 1.5-3.0

Apple: Safari 2-3.2.1
Apple: Firefox 1.5-3.0
Javascript 1.1
Cookies Enabled
Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player 8
Screen Width
800 pixels
Screen Height
600 pixels
Color Depth
16 bit color
Pop Up Blocker

Client System - Optional
Category Your Browser Optional Plug-ins Status
PDF Reader
PDF Reader
Adobe® Reader must be installed in order to view or print reports as a teacher or administrative user and will be necessary to view or print the additional printable resources.

The latest version can be downloaded free from the Adobe® Web site.
Java™ is used to display the optional scientific calculator tool in Destination Math™ Mastering Algebra I courses 1 and 2.

The latest version can be downloaded free from the Java™ Web site.
v2.1 - March 2010